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Track Clinic runs private coaching sessions and group workshops for leaders and professionals exploring self-awareness, emotional intelligence and authentic expression relative to individual self-development goals.


This form of experiential learning is an opportunity to

  • access flow states for improved performance and productivity

  • improve resilience, motivation and lower the risk of burnout

  • uncover subconscious patterns of behaviour and belief systems that impact performance 

  • provide a mirror into how we are perceived by others and how leadership styles influence team dynamics 

  • uncover insight into fulfilling ambitions and maximising potential


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Track Clinic helps uncover ways to be in harmony with our emotional energy and deep intention. The horses, responding in the moment with absolute integrity, mirror our state of mind and together with the facilitators uncover new behaviours and thought patterns to improve wellbeing, performance and communication with others.


Experiential in nature, and far from the theoretical framework of conventional coaching models, our programmes offer;

  1. A deeper, actionable level of insight due to the un-masking of subconscious states and patterns of behaviour that go beyond the mastery of the analytical brain. Workshops are facilitated to allow participants to experience the reaction of the herd and to relate learnings to personal and professional challenges.

  2. Quicker results, that endure. Participants go on an experiential journey where exercises in reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation are applied according to the personal obstacles that arise for each individual or team - reflecting Kolb’s theory of ‘learning through reflection on doing’.

Experiential Learning Theory shows that new neural pathways in the brain are created when a new behaviour is actioned. This allows for immediate behavioural change which becomes embedded both on a conscious and subconscious level.

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Horses, with over 55 million years of evolution, embody the art of living in harmony and in deep authentic connection, offering profound insights into our emotional intelligence and flow states.


Working within an evidence-based model of equine assisted learning, the mentorship of horses can bring about sustained emotional and behavioural change, significantly impacting mental health and performance. Through their sensitivity and evolved social skills, they shine light on how teams can function more effectively. Unlike human herds, which often default to familiar patterns of behaviour, horse herds find harmonious solutions based on the changing needs of the individual relative to the task at hand, fostering collective benefit over self-serving needs.


Horses draw attention to our fight-flight-freeze responses, co-regulating our nervous systems to find a new sense of ease. These four-legged therapists operate at lower frequency brain waves, where intuition, creative insight, and flow states reside, resulting in sustained and positive improvements in productivity, creativity, and team effectiveness.

From the Business Reporter:

"Organisations like Google, Microsoft, and Deloitte are using horse-human interactions to nurture and cultivate higher-performing teams."

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1. jayne_lewis.jpeg

Jayne Lewis

Professional Coach

“A clear mirror to what was happening and how new outcomes could be achieved” So, what is different when you add therapy horses and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) specialists into the coaching mix? What do you gain, that you can’t achieve in an hour of conventional coaching? In 2019 I went along as a client, to find out for myself if the reality matched the rhetoric, and what the difference actually was - I was blown away by my experience!The horse’s reaction made what I was doing, and the impact it was having on me, so obvious. The experience was visceral. I can recall it vividly, and I relate back to it regularly, giving myself the permission they gave me to relax and step back – Reflecting on the session, and why it had the impact it did, I realised that for once I had allowed my analytical mind to rest. Being totally immersed in the experience enabled me to access deeper insights, without my mind blocking these with old stories and expectations. It was quite a shock to be faced with the reality that my usual behaviours and coping mechanisms didn’t actually get me the results I wanted! Even more so to realise that by actually thinking less and being more in tune with how I felt, produced great results! The horses had provided a clear mirror to what was happening and how new outcomes could be achieved. When I find myself trying really hard, putting myself under pressure to do my very best, I am reminded of the feeling in the session. I can physically feel the sensations I experienced that day, and can quickly act on this and change my behaviour. By behaving differently, I am able to get better results, quicker.
2. tarek el-semman.jpeg

Tarek El-Semman

CEO of Little Jungle

“Barriers were blown away and empathy for each other and our cause seemed to thrive.” It felt like a day of awakening. Listening (with all your senses) to how empathetic another species is towards you is totally mind blowing. Things in my head slotted into place, I understood far more deeply what is important, what isn't and how to ultimately let go of all the junk in my head, and focus on the small amount of stuff that's actually important. It sounds bonkers, but it happened. I blame the horses (and the alpaca). Sharing this experience with my team, seeing how open they were and how they all experienced their own unique journey on the day was amazing and very enlightening. I loved that although we all got something slightly different out of our experience with the horses, we found each other, shared what was happening and the sum of our experiences seemed to build an overall stronger connection and team bond. Barriers were blown away and empathy for each other and our cause seemed to thrive. I feel like we understand each other far better as individuals, our own individual needs and strengths (faaaar beyond skill sets etc). I think I would say that horses and other herd animals are intrinsically connected at a much deeper level. You can't really understand the concept of empathy, unless you understand herd dynamics. So by observing and being accepted by a herd, you get a glimpse into what empathy is, how to support others and ultimately harness the power of a group / team to become far stronger than the sum of the individual parts of that group / team. It’s hard to explain, and it needs the audience to have a base sense of openness to listen. I loved every minute. The centre is perfect, it's humble, it's safe, you served delicious food, you listened intently, you broke barriers, it was clear how much care and curation goes into what you do. And you all take such great care of the animals in your trust. I have done plenty of therapy myself in various guises, but nothing has ever come close to unpicking some of the stuff I have going on. Thank you!
5. Caryl Roberts.jpeg

Caryl Roberts

Leadership & Team Coach

"As a result, I am more able to stay in my flow state" My experience at Track Clinic allowed me to shed light on my enquiry about flow, how to find it, when do you know you're in flow and when not and what enables and disrupts it. I really liked the introduction and the care taken with the set up, enabling me to settle and connect to what I wanted to explore. Also this created a sense of community for the duration of the workshop. As a result, I am already being more active in a flow state and spotting more quickly what's supporting me to stay in flow. t’s tricky to describe! I’d say…You have to try it. Be open to explore, let go of what you know. The herd enables you to choose different ways to explore whatever it is you're bringing. You can take it at your own pace and you're fully supported by expert facilitators. Nina creates a very safe environment, enabling a group of disparate people to come together and share personal and challenging issues in a confidential and supportive space. No mean feat. Thank you
8. alice farrell.jpg

Alice Farrell

Mother &

"As a result, I am more able to stay in my flow state" The experience allowed me to reflect on the importance of a safe nervous system - how that helps someone else in a dysregulated state, and how we need that for ourselves too. Being with the herd helped me shift my perspectives around themes of control / power / respect / advantage taking (societal expectations and judgements). Sometimes being a caregiver means to hold and absorb whatever that person throws at you and not react or tell them to moderate or express differently. And that’s ok, it doesn’t mean your boundaries have to shift. Only you know if your boundaries or sense of ‘respect’ has been compromised however it might look from the outside. I felt a sense of regency around needing to find inner peace and stability to be able to show up in a more grounded way for myself and loved ones. Also, it was a reminder of the importance to ‘just be’ sometimes and not over think or verbalise, trust that this is just as valid and also in itself helps process stuff. Time with horses has a regulating effect because of differently operating nervous systems. The herd mind. Their reactions can help you consider themes within yourself, and sharing with others after can help integrate this. Biscuits, tea, space, eco loo, fire all lovely welcoming touches that contribute to feeling of safety and retreat.
4. ashmeet kapoor.jpeg

Ashmeet Kapoor

Founder & CEO
of Say Organic

“I gained clarity on what is important, higher self-acceptance and inspiration to take action” “It sounded far fetched to the logical mind, but on an intuitive level it made sense. I was able to draw out some important insights that have stayed with me since. I have returned for more sessions, and every time I have been left with greater clarity on what is important to me, leading to higher self-acceptance and inspiration to take action”
3. vanessa silva.jpeg

Vanessa Silva

Lead Educator

“Such a powerful experience and a very intuitive way of getting to know yourself better” I attended Track Clinic as part of a team building exercise, and I’m so surprised with how much I got from it, personally and professionally. Above all, an overwhelming feeling of connection and being completely understood by the horses and my colleagues. It is really hard to explain or put it into words how incredible and restorative this day was for me, and I truly believe everyone would benifit from spending a day with such incredible creatures. I really benefited from the team building exercises and the one-to-one moments with the horses. When I finally let myself go, and felt completely in touch with nature and with the horses I got a perception of their healing power and restoring abilities and couldn’t be more grateful to them and to Nina and her team. Everything from the location to the horses to how the entire day was planned and curated felt very purposeful. Would love to come back. To whom doesn't know it I would say they should try it, even if just once, as it’s such a powerful experience and a very intuitive way of getting to know yourself better.
7. Cate skeat.jpeg

Cate Skeat

Account Executive

“A wonderful investment in you" A wonderful afternoon of self reflection and a chance to focus on what matters in a calm, reflective setting. Spending time understanding from Nina the herd and how they interact. Learning from them to slow down and have faith in nature. It showed me how I could have slower, calmer thoughts - with less rushing around & feeling stressed. Like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. A wonderful investment in you. Thank you to Nina and team for an amazing experience. I felt the herd really leant in to the needs of one of our group who was feeling vulnerable.
6. Yarah David.jpeg

Yarah David

Designer & Entrepreneur

“A really grounding and transformative experience. Surprising what comes up!” I came away with increased self awareness. A sense of peace and connectedness. I felt happy!!! I loved the interaction with the herd and the group discussion afterwards. It was fascinating to share my own thoughts as well as hear what everyone else took from the sessions and how much this varied. As a result, I definitely have more confidence. I feel stronger. Mentally. It made me trust myself more because all of it is your own interpretation of what happened and I loved that. You really do have to intuit what it was about. Very soul searching. I am far more patient than I knew! I’d describe it as a really grounding, quiet and transformative experience. Very surprising what comes up. Lovely warm and safe atmosphere. You really have to experience it to understand fully.
Track Clinic Dec 2020 010.jpg




Recharge your team's resilience, connection, and wellbeing through grounding equine interactions.

This experience will provide your team with valuable insights that can be integrated over several months, after which you can decide to enter the flow activation programme.



Multi-month customised workshops strengthens group emotional intelligence, trust, and performance.

Elevate your team dynamic and track improvements in retention, collaboration, innovation.


This approach allows for a profound and immersive experience, enabling your team to apply the lessons learned and build upon them over time. By spacing out the different programs, you can fully embrace the transformative potential of Equine Assisted Learning and witness the sustained impact on your team's performance and dynamics.

Suitable for:

  • Open-minded Founders, CEOs & Team Leaders who know the importance of emotional intelligence and authenticity in relationships 

  • High performing senior teams with targets to meet and complex operations to manage

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators who know the impact of staying in flow and aligning newly formed and growing teams 



Individual or paired coaching sessions to enhance self awareness and uncover optimum flow states: a mix of two hour coaching sessions and 1/2 day retreats spread over 6 months, tailored to your personal and professional goals.




Monthly introductory open workshops providing exercises in experiential learning and reflective observation to uncover patterns of behaviours and unlock new ways of being. Gatherings provide a taster into our work and are held monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. Spaces are limited to allow for a deeper level of self-enquiry to emerge in a group setting.


Suitable for:

  • Adults interested in self development

  • Parents wanting to improve parenting effectiveness

  • Referrers, parents or carers of young people attending our equine therapy provision

  • Professionals wanting to explore their presence and impact, and considering our Peak Performance Programme. 

  • Team leaders wondering if an Away Day may suit their team!

Coaching: Opening Hours


Nina Leijerstam is Founder and Programme Director of Track Clinic, bringing over 25 years experience working with horses as well as a background in business consulting.

After training internationally as an Equine Assisted Somatic Coach and Behaviourist, Nina established Track Clinic in 2016 to provide equine-assisted learning programmes for personal and professional development. 

Previously, Nina worked as a consultant to brands in the natural health and wellbeing sector, including Pukka Herbs and The Soil Association. She also founded The Space Creative, a creative agency dedicated to growing mission-driven, eco-conscious companies. 

Her passion stems from her personal healing through equine therapy. This shaped her belief in the horse's emotional mirroring and transformative capacity.

Today, Nina oversees licensed practitioners integrating equine activities into psychotherapy, coaching, and corporate programmes. Track Clinic is an approved provider enabling impactful community outreach. Nina also established a buy-one-give-one model where each corporate programme sponsors a course of therapy for a child on a NHS waiting list.

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