Track Clinic runs private coaching sessions and group workshops for leaders and professionals exploring self awareness, emotional intelligence and authentic expression relative to individual self development needs.

This form of experiential coaching is an opportunity to

  • uncover subconscious patterns of behaviour and belief systems that impact performance 

  • provide a mirror into how we are perceived by others and influence relationship dynamics 

  • uncover new insight into fulfilling ambitions and maximising potential



Track Clinic helps uncover ways of being that are in harmony with our emotional energy and deep intention. The horses, responding in the moment with absolute integrity, mirror our state of mind and together with the facilitators uncover new behaviours and thought patterns to improve wellbeing, performance and communication with others.

Equine Assisted Coaching is experiential rather than theoretical in nature and hence brings forth two major benefits when compared to conventional coaching models:

1. A deeper, actionable level of insight due to the un-masking of subconscious states and patterns of behaviour that go beyond the analytical brain. The horses provide a clear mirror of what is happening and how new outcomes can be achieved.

2. Quicker results, that endure

Experiential Learning Theory shows that new neural pathways in the brain are created when a new behaviour is actioned. This allows for immediate behavioural change which becomes embedded both on a conscious and subconscious level.


Do you know your true impact on others?
Do you know your barriers to success? 

Track Clinic Programs take participants on an experiential journey where reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation are applied according to the personal obstacles that arise for each individual - reflecting Kolb’s theory of ‘learning through reflection on doing’.

Coaching sessions take place monthly over a 3-6 month period culminating in an outcomes review to assess the impact of new mindsets and behaviours on a personal and professional level. 

Outcomes may include improved self and social awareness, clarification of personal boundaries, deepening trust of others, insight into default leadership style and personal strengths. 

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Instantaneous Feedback

“I had no idea how much my state of mind was influencing my work and my  personal relationships. I was able to work through each of my blocks receiving instantaneous feedback from the horses as I did so.”

Our Impact on Others

“The way the horses react to different people is a real insight into how we are received by each other and the impact - both positive and negative - that we have without even realising it.”

Shifts in Behaviour

"When I put my learning into practice back at work I noticed people change around me without having to negotiate or debate with anyone. For me it was a matter of setting my own boundaries and gaining more respect as a result."