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Horses read intention and know what’s authentic, even when we don’t.

This statement perfectly captures why we choose to work with horses in our Equine Assisted Coaching Programmes. Our goal is to help individuals and teams unlock deep insights into improving flow, productivity, communication and connectivity.

Horses naturally mirror our behaviour, body language and energetic states, challenging us to recognise our growth potential. By working experientially with horses, participants can "try out" new beliefs and behaviours, witnessing the results of their internal changes. These insights lead to profound shifts in flow and wellbeing that are integrated into both personal and professional interactions.

The task of explaining how our Equine Assisted Coaching Programmes work is, as demonstrated above, a tricky one. On one hand it sounds too good to be true and on the other it falls massively short of communicating its’ depth and impact. So, instead of explaining the mechanics afresh and the finer detail of horse behaviour - calling on terms such as mirror neurons, morphic resonance, vibrational frequencies, instinct, systemic constellations and Alpha-Theta brainwave activation — it may be more helpful to hear it as firsthand accounts of the people experiencing the work of Track Clinic.

The evidence-base of the model we adhere to ( is globally undisputed yet awareness of the profound outcomes lags firmly behind. Something we’re keen to change.

Below are testimonials from people who have experienced the work of Track Clinic recently. They are unnamed to protect the integrity of the individuals yet all the accounts have been approved for use by the individuals in question. The longer accounts towards the end of this paper are from people who have expressed a keen desire to be named to help authenticate the benefits of the work.

‘You can’t pretend or cover anything up. The horses just know.’

‘The horses bring up the things that need to be addressed to help you be the best version of yourself possible - as an individual and for the benefit of your team’.

‘This work shows how interconnected we all are. How we can feel each others stuff and how we can collectively be better together when we take time to embrace this connection and really listen to what is in front of us’

‘I’ve been around horses most of my life but never once experienced how much they have to teach us when we let them - I’m staggered.’

‘I’d heard about therapy horses helping kids with autism and imagined it was just about the calming aspect of being around them. This is so much more. The horses react to how we make the feel and as a result, we learn more about ourselves and how we can work in greater harmony with others’ ’

‘I had never appreciated how animals can pick up on what we miss about ourselves. It felt like the horses were challenging us to step up our responsibility to evolve and bring others along with us’

‘What an extraordinary and profound experience. To bear witness to my own patterns of relating through relationship with the horses and the group’

And to conclude, three slightly more detailed accounts of what played out during recent coaching sessions. Each participant has specifically asked to be named so that the value of the work can be fully accredited.

Emma Shoesmith, Professional Coach, Somerset;

‘When I arrived at the field I was pretty nervous as I’ve had two major accidents related to horses. My mind was put at ease by Nina’s warm, calm energy and after our initial conversation I was ready to meet the herd.

At first I simply sat and watched them, then a wave of emotion came over me and I was taken back to a moment in my early years where I felt deeply rejected.

This turned out to be the theme of the session and I followed the intuitive nudges from myself, Nina and the herd.

What unfolded was no short of profound, I was able to join dots, make sense of and begin to understand lifetime of limiting beliefs.

With the horses beautifully mirroring back to me exactly what my soul needed to experience in that moment. The whole process was nurturing, empowering and totally magical.

I feel like it marks the beginning of a new more confident me and I’m excited to weave my learnings into my life and especially the relationship I have with my work and my family.’

Aleksandra Filipovic, Head of Oncology, London;

‘The experience was nothing short of a miracle. I really hadn’t anticipated how deeply the work could go in such a short space of time.

The horses gracefully mirrored my internal shifts, with their change of posture, movement or energy. They embodied roles of people in my life and played out the scenarios I needed to reconnect with.

I left with deep insight into how to find space and self respect. Five months later, I continue to feel so much lighter, so much more myself.’

Eva May Pearson, Journalist and Radio Presenter, Hertfordshire;

‘After just a day and a half at Track Clinic, I began to feel the holding and acceptance I have always longed for on a very deep level. These incredible animals tuned into the unmet and unseen needs of my former self. And the healing began. It goes so much deeper than even words can explain.’

Helen Marton, CEO, Bath;

‘What a privilege to be a part of the Track Clinic programme. My team at Focus were overwhelmed by the professionalism and warmth you offered us.

Your animals offered us an extraordinary sense of emotional connection in ways that were surprising. It was an honour to hear the experiences and personal stories that were impacted as a result. I personally loved how you explored the model with us and how the process of equine-assisted learning can support, guide and regulate. I loved how the animals mirrored our emotions and movement around them which felt safe and liberating. I will definitely be back and thank you all for such a wonderful experience!’

Track Clinic is an Equine Assisted Team Coaching facility based near Frome in Somerset. Our herd of horses work alongside a team of experienced Equine Coaches who facilitate the horse-human interactions so that participants can take their new found wisdom back into their lives and workspaces. We adhere to a globally recognised, evidence-based model of Equine Assisted Coaching for which learnings are proven to be sustained over several years (

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